Frequently Asked Questions



Can people under 18 years old take out this insurance policy?

In order to issue a policy to people under 18 years old, the insurer must be over 18 years old.

Can foreign nationals take out this insurance policy?

The policy may be issued to foreign nationals, provided that they have a foreigner identification number, they permanently reside in Turkey, and they have an official document proving that they permanently reside in Turkey.

When does the policy commence?

The cover commences after the traveller exits the Turkish customs, and expires after the traveller enters the Turkish customs, even if the policy period continues.

Note: It is mandatory that the insurance application and the contract are taken out before the trip starts.

Are there any restrictions for certain professions?

The business trips of people who work by hand, or physically and continuously use machines as part of their work, cannot be covered. The travels of people doing work of this nature, but who are travelling for tourist or educational purposes, will be covered if they are not working during the time.

People doing mental work and work by hand, and those appointed in work places of the above mentioned occupational groups and in areas that are considered dangerous, cannot be covered (For example; engineers and accountants working on construction sites or areas).

What are the cancellation policies?

If the trip is cancelled, the policy can be cancelled and the premium refunded, if the insurance company is notified 24 hours before the policy commencement date, and the policy is returned to the insurance company.

How does the compensation process work?

When an emergency occurs, the insured person should inform the emergency service centre, and provide his/her name, policy number, the address where he/she will be present, his/her health problem, and what kind of help he/she needs, by calling the phone numbers below, before seeking help.

For information and consulting: +90 212 444 27 27
Aksigorta International Emergency Service:
For Europe: +90 212 225 87 88
For the whole world: +90 212 225 90 60

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