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Who can have Health Insurance?

Anyone who resides within the Turkish Republic, and are between 0-60 in age can be a policy holder. Those under 18 years old can only be insured if the insurer is over 18 years old.

How can I transfer my policy, issued by another insurance company, to Aksigorta?

If you apply to Aksigorta within one month of the expiry date of your policy issued by another insurance company, the transition will depend on the results of our evaluation. During the transition, documents showing your coverage held with the previous insurance company should be provided.

Do I have a discount right while I take out the policy?

You can benefit from family discounts, cash discount, discounts based on province and welcome discounts on the policies issued.

Is there a waiting period for Outpatient Treatment Cover?

A waiting period is available for the diseases listed in Article 4, under the conditions of the policy. Hospital Treatment, Small Intervention, Rehabilitation and Home Care Services, Surgical Indemnity Guarantee, Artificial Limb Guarantee and Physiotherapy Guarantees are available at the initial insurance commencement date, whether or not it is urgent. The waiting time is 12 months.

Can I get only a Maternity Insurance Coverage?

No, Maternity Insurance Coverage can only be taken together with health plans. Maternity Insurance Coverage can be offered as a sub-package in the Yeni Hayat Package, which is a health insurance product.

How are refunds performed in the case of receiving services at a non-contracted institution?

The transaction is performed based on a pay later/refund process for medical examinations at non-contracted institutions. The refund amount is determined by the cover limit of outpatient treatment at non-contracted institutions, and the deductible contained in the policy.

The fee to be paid for the costs of a medical examination at non-contracted institutions is applied once, at the rate listed in the Turkish Medical Association price tariff, or the amount after the deductible of the insured, if any.

If I have a medical examination at a contracted institution, do I pay a deductible?

No deductible is paid for medical examinations performed at a contracted physician specified by Aksigorta.

What is the limit of the charge of a non-contracted surgeon, of a non-contracted institution?

The fee paid for treatments performed by a physician who does not come from a contracted institution, is limited to two times the rate of the price listed in the Turkish Medical Association price tariff, or the amount after deducting the deductible of the insured, if any.

Are the costs of health expenses incurred in public hospitals covered?

Yes, the health expenses incurred at the state hospitals of the Ministry of Health, Turkish Republic, and the university hospitals belonging to the government are evaluated based on the limits for contracted health institutions, the deductible of the insured person, and the exemption rate.

Is it necessary for a prescription to be given by a physician every time, for long term medication?

If a physician’s report, indicating the cause and reason for continuous use of the relevant medicine, and a copy of the prescription for the medication is delivered to Aksigorta, this service will be covered in accordance with the insurance period, and in 3-months treatment doses.

Does the use of Control Mammography and Control PSA Cover affect the compensation or premium rate?

No, it does not.

Does the use of Check Ups affect the compensation or premium rate?

No, it does not.

How can I earn renewal assurance?

If you are insured by Aksigorta before turning 56 years old, stay insured for three consecutive years and comply with the “Maximum Goodwill Principle” during this time, medical and technical evaluations will be performed by the risk admission unit. If the result of this evaluation is positive, you will be entitled to have renewal assurance.

What is the age limit for Pregnancy and Maternity Insurance Cover?

All women aged 18-50 can take out Pregnancy and Maternity Insurance Cover.

Is there a waiting period in the Pregnancy and Maternity Insurance Cover?

Yes there is; this cover will begin providing that a woman becomes pregnant at least 5 months after the commencement of her policy. That is, the last menstrual period (LMP) should be after the 5 months waiting period. The foetal ultrasonography and LMP are considered to determine eligibility.

Which expenses of the new born are paid?

The remaining cover of a mother with maternity insurance is evaluated within the scope of Newborn Infant Insurance Cover. The remaining cover includes:

  • Medical examination of newborn infant
  • Blood type determination of newborn infant
  • Direct antiglobulin test – DAT
  •  Determination of thyroid levels (Neonatal TSH)
  • Metabolic screening test
  • Bilirubin test
  • Hearing test (Otoacoustic emission)
  • Hepatitis B vaccination

Is there any limit for the expenses of newborn infant?

Infant expenses are covered by the remaining limits of the Pregnancy and Maternity Insurance Cover of the mother, in policies where Pregnancy and Maternity Insurance Cover is “limited”.

The limit of 1 000TL applies for infant expenses in policies where Pregnancy and Maternity Insurance Covers are “unlimited”.

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