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-- Home and Contents Insurance


Who can take out a home insurance policy?

Both tenants and landlords can take out home insurance. This insurance can cover the replacement of your residence or belongings following damage or loss caused by one of the events included in your policy.

What is considered when determining the insurance value for belongings?

The insurance value for belongings is the price that will be paid to you for the replacement of a belonging. No discount is applied arising from the wear and tear or use, when calculating the insurance value of belongings. Also for the coverage of a building, no discount is applied arising from the wear and tear or use, when calculating the insurance value of belongings.

What is the cover limit of Home and Contents Insurance, for valuable items contained in your home?

The limit of coverage for art works, antiques, gems, jewellery, artefacts made up of precious metal, or precious carpets kept within your home is 30% of the total value of your belongings. The total value of jewellery, gems and precious metals is covered on the condition that they are locked away (safe, locker or drawer), and do not exceed 10 % of the total value of your belongings. Regarding valuable items used daily, theft insurance of up to 5% of the total value of the belongings is granted, without the condition that they should be locked away. Securities such as stocks and bonds are not included in your coverage, however cash and foreign exchange up to a maximum of 250 TL or equivalent value is covered by your insurance.

Is there any no claims discount applied when renewing Aksigorta Home and Contents Insurance?

Yes, at the end of the 1st year, a 10% no claims discount is applied, increasing to 20% at the end of the 2nd year, and 30% at the end of the 3rd year, for insured persons who do not claim damage payment within the insurance period, and whose insurance is continued uninterruptedly.

What types of damage does Glass Breakage Insurance cover?

Glass Breakage Insurance covers the costs of accidental damage to facade glasses, door glasses and mirrors, furniture glasses and mirrors, glass coffee tables, cupboard glasses, glasses of shower frame, and balcony glass, including Plexiglas, fibre and polycarbonate glasses.

What does the Personal Accident Insurance contained in Aksigorta Home and Contents Insurance cover?

If death or permanent disability is caused by an accident within an insured residence, compensation is paid for the insured person, or for immediate relatives living with the insured person. Treatment expenses incurred as a result of the accident are covered by your insurance.

What does Emergency Health Insurance cover?

This insurance includes Emergency Health Services, Emergency Ground Ambulance Service, Emergency Physician Service, Drug and Consumable Materials and Medical Info Bridge. If an emergency occurs in an insured residence, all people present in the residence, including guests, can benefit from this cover. If an emergency occurs outside the insured residence, then cover is only available for the policy holder.

This service is provided free of charge, and is unlimited for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. To benefit from medical services in an emergency, you should call the Aksigorta Service Centre, 445 27 27.

What does the Electronic Damage Insurance, contained in Aksigorta Home and Contents Insurance, cover?

It covers the pecuniary damages to electrical and electronic equipment contained within the insured residence, caused directly or indirectly by normal or abnormal electric current, in consequence of a stroke of lightning (Laptops are out of guarantee coverage).

The deductible amount of 100 TL applies for any and every electric damage. The annual amount of compensation paid is limited to 1 500 TL in total.

What is the coverage limit applied for insulation damages?

The damage caused by rain/snow water leaking into the facade or terrace of the building or windows, doors, and back bands due to lack or loss of insulation is covered by the insurance. Damages such as blistering of plaster or paint, including painting and repair expenses that are 500 TL in total per incident and during the validity of the policy, that occur in interior decoration as a consequence of bleeding and mould due to the moisture or temperature difference are also covered.

What does our Building Common Spaces Insurance cover?

10% of the building value, including stairs, stairwells, elevator shafts and machines, boiler room and machines, halls, landings other than those belonging to the flat owners, garage and garden attachments, garden, courtyard and boundary walls, fixed swimming pool and ornamental pools and cisterns, roofing materials, chimneys, water spouts, foundations, retaining walls, docks, terraces, piers and sculptures located outside the building, are covered against all material risks included in the policy.

What are the additional free services offered in Aksigorta Home and Contents Insurance, and how can I benefited from?

  • Dental saving plan
  • Small repair for furniture
  • Small repair for hard floor
  • Small repair for flooring and carpets
  • Stain removal service

Small-scale damage to your belongings or home that is covered by the Aksigorta Home and Contents Insurance is completely covered, without any repair charges to you, for a period of 1 year from the commencement date of your policy.

How can I benefit from additional free services offered within my policy?

In order to benefit from all the services we provide across Turkey, or to get information about all our contracted institutions, you can call the Aksigorta Service Centre on 444 27 27.

What is the Dental Saving Plan, and how can I benefit?

If you have the Beşi Bir Yerde Assistance Service of the Aksigorta Home and Contents Insurance, you can benefit from the low rates of the Turkish Dental Association, for dental services offered by the specified clinicians and dentists. You can get the following services free of charge, once per year:

  • Dentist examination
  • Détartrage (scaling of lower and upper teeth)
  • Dental x-ray

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