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-- Muafiyetli Oto Auto Insurance


What is Muafiyetli Oto Auto Insurance?

Muafiyetli Oto Auto Insurance is where a certain amount of damage costs are covered by the insured person. More specifically, the losses up to the insurance amount of the vehicle, or to a certain point of the damage amount are covered by the insured, and the amounts over this level are covered by the insurer.
For example, you have insured your vehicle to an amount of 40 000 TL, with a deductible option of 500 TL. In that case you would cover a damage amount up to 500 TL, and if the damage is over 500 TL, the remaining amount is paid by the insurance company.

If you choose one of the three deductible amounts, you can benefit from a discount. Remember, the discount rate will be greater as the selected deductible amount increases.

What is the difference between Muafiyetli Oto Auto Insurance, and Akkasko Extended Auto Insurance?

Muafiyetli Oto Auto Insurance is also an Extended Auto Insurance, with only a few changes made to the product. In the case of damage, some features, such as the deductible amount, misfueling, loss and robbery of personal belongings or keys are not available on this policy.

Can Muafiyetli Oto Auto Insurance be issued for every vehicle?

Muafiyetli Oto Auto Insurance can only be issued for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (van, minibus and midi bus) with a value of up to 50 000TL.

I already have traffic insurance; should I take out an Auto Insurance policy?

Traffic Insurance covers the pecuniary damages to the other vehicle involved, and the bodily injuries of the people inside that vehicle, or pedestrians, caused by the negligence of the insured person, causing an accident. That is, Compulsory Traffic Insurance only focuses on protecting the third party and the other vehicle involved.
Aksigorta Akkasko provides full protection to you and your vehicle, even if you are negligent. Also, in cases where Compulsory Traffic Insurance cover is inadequate, it covers the remaining costs of the damage to the other vehicle, and bodily injuries to the third parties.

If you have Auto Insurance and are in an accident where the other vehicle is negligent, the cost of repairing your vehicle is covered, before recovering the cost from the insurance of the negligent party. So, you can keep enjoying safe driving, without any hassle.

Is Muafiyetli Oto Auto Insurance applied to all damages?

Muafiyetli Oto Auto Insurance is not applied in the event that the other vehicle involved is 100% negligent, for damages with revocation, and glass damages repaired at the contracted glass services.

Is Muafiyetli Oto Auto Insurance only valid within Turkish borders?

This insurance is only valid within Turkish borders, however, our abroad cover can be additionally provided by paying an extra premium.

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