Frequently Asked Questions

-- Compulsory Traffic Insurance


When I take out compulsory traffic insurance, can I also be compensated for damages caused to my own vehicle?

No, in the event that the insured vehicle causes the death or bodily injury of any person, or causes the loss of any property, the Compulsory Traffic Insurance only covers the legal responsibility of the insured person up to compulsory insurance limits according to the Highway Traffic Law.

Is there any additional cover that I can get together with this policy?

Yes, you may add the following insurances for an additional fee when purchasing your policy: 

Personal Accident Insurance: Covers the treatment costs for you, and the people who are in the vehicle with you. In the case of permanent disability or death, compensation is provided.
Akyardım Vehicle Removal Service: If your vehicle cannot be moved following an accident, a Vehicle Removal Service is provided.
Additional Facultative Financial Liability Insurance: Provides additional cover over the traffic policy guarantee limits.

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