Frequently Asked Questions



Who can take out a policy?

Foreign citizens who are between 0-56 years of age and will get a residence permit in Turkey can take out Private Health Insurance for Foreigners.

How can I use Private Health Insurance for Foreigners for outpatient treatment expenses?

It is valid for up to 2 000 TL at our contracted institutions, and for up to 2 000 TL, with a 60% deductible and for the rates of the Turkish Medical Association at non-contracted institutions.

Is there any discount available for Private Health Insurance for Foreigners?

If you renew your Private Health Insurance for Foreigners policy uninterruptedly, it is possible to get a no claims discount or additional damage premium over the standard tariff premium.

Does the Private Health Insurance for Foreigners cover intensive care?

The period of intensive care hospitalization covered in this product is limited to 100 days per year in total. The total covered hospitalization period within the insurance year is 200 days, with normal room hospitalization counted as one day, and intensive care hospitalization counted as two days to be deducted from the 200 day period. The expenses incurred for a non-patient during intensive care period are out of the scope of coverage.

Can Private Health Insurance for Foreigners be cancelled?

It is possible to cancel Private Health Insurance for Foreigners, a compulsory insurance required to get a residence permit in Turkey, as required by law. However, following condition/s must be met:

  • The submission of a new Private Health Insurance contract, including the duration of the residence permit, to the company,
  • The cancelation of residence permit,
  • A document showing that you are included in the scope of a General Health Insurance in accordance with the Social Security and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510. Additionally, documentation showing the date of departure from the country should be sent to our company.

Is Private Health Insurance for Foreigners valid abroad?

The cover of an insured person residing abroad without interruption for more than three months during the contract period, will stop from the third month of being abroad, except for the case of continuous inpatient treatment. The insurer will not pay any compensation for treatment expenses incurred abroad during the period when the cover has stopped.

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