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What is the scope of the Aksigorta Pati Insurance? Does it cover all the health needs of my pet?

Aksigorta Pati Insurance covers emergency health needs of pets such as dogs and cats. The product contains emergency cover of up to 5 000 TL, third party Financial Liability of up to 3 000 TL, and missing pet notice and award cover up to 250 TL.

What is the price of Aksigorta Pati Insurance?

The price of the product is 150 TL. You can pay by credit card in 9 month instalments.

Where can I take out Aksigorta Pati Insurance?

You can receive information about Aksigorta Pati Insurance by calling the Aksigorta Service Centre on 444 27 27, or from Akbank branches and authorized Aksigorta agencies.

How can I benefit after taking out Aksigorta Pati Insurance?

For the insurance to commence, the microchip supplied with your policy should be implanted by a contracted veterinarian. In addition, there is a waiting period before the policy cover will begin.

Is Aksigorta Pati Insurance valid for every veterinary clinic?

No, Aksigorta Pati Insurance is only valid at contracted veterinary clinics. You can click here to access a list of the contracted veterinary clinics available.

How can I access the list of contracted veterinary clinics?

You can click here to access a list of the Contracted Veterinary Clinics.

What does the microchip do and how is it applied?

The legal identification equipment for pets is a microchip, as stated under the Animal Protection Law No. 5199. Getting a microchip for your best friend is the responsibility of every pet owner. These microchips are not bigger than a grain of rice, and can be implanted into any pet.

The microchip, which can be implanted at the veterinary clinics contracted with Aksigorta Pati Insurance, will be delivered to you free of charge.

In which conditions can the Aksigorta Pati Insurance not be used?

The conditions that are not covered by Aksigorta Pati Insurance are as follows;

  • Animals without microchips,
  • Claims regarding deaths caused by any reason,
  • Routine medical examination, and similar interventions to be carried out after the pet becomes stabilized,
  • Injuries caused by racing, playing, intentional fighting, or strength tests done intentionally,
  • Cats and dogs younger than 6 months of age, and whose necessary vaccinations are not completed under the control of a veterinarian,
  • Cats and dogs younger than 6 months, or older than 10 years,
  • Interventions carried out by persons other than the contracted veterinarian,
  • Damages emerging due to infectious diseases,
  • Damages that may emerge within situations, that do not require emergency response,
  • Related expenses following an unnecessary diagnosis or treatment being administered for the health problem, declared by the owner of the insured pet as non urgent,
  • Medication, consumables and prosthesis (not vital) used after the pet becomes stabilized,
  • The animals banned to be produced, sold and fed in Turkey in accordance with the Animal Protection Law No. 5199 and the related regulations are outside of the scope of cover. The statement, “The following actions in relation to animals are banned: to produce, own, bring into the country, sell or advertise, exchange, display or make a present of an animal which constitutes a danger such as a Pitbull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, etc.” is contained in paragraph l of Article 14 of the Law.
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