Frequently Asked Questions


I already have traffic insurance; should I take out a policy?

Traffic Insurance covers the pecuniary damages to the other vehicle involved, and the bodily injuries of the people inside that vehicle, or pedestrians, caused by the negligence of the insured person causing an accident. That is, Compulsory Traffic Insurance only focuses on protecting the third party and the other vehicle involved.

Aksigorta Akkasko provides full protection to you and your vehicle, even if you are negligent. Also, in cases where Compulsory Traffic Insurance cover is inadequate, it covers the remaining costs of the damage to the other vehicle, and bodily injuries to the third parties.

If you have Auto Insurance and are in an accident where the other vehicle is negligent, the cost of repairing your vehicle is covered, before recovering the cost from the insurance of the negligent party. So, you can keep enjoying safe driving, without any hassle.

Can I use my Auto Insurance abroad?

With the addition of Auto Insurance coverage abroad, you can also enjoy your policy abroad under special conditions. Your auto insurance is valid for the term specified.

When I sell my car, is the no claims discount that I have obtained still valid?

If your vehicle is sold, your Auto Insurance will be cancelled, however, if you take out another policy with Aksigorta, the no claims discount that you have obtained when you were insured will remain protected for 180 days.

If I do not pay for my policy on time, can I still get compensation after an accident?

The liability of the insurance company begins following payment of the full premium and the first instalment, if payment in instalments is agreed in your policy. Full insurance premium and the first instalment, if payment in instalments is agreed, should be paid as soon as the contract is executed, and the other instalments should be paid at the dates, and for the amounts specified in the policy. In cases where payment in instalments is agreed, if any of the instalments are not paid on time, the insured party has failed to meet the financial obligations, and the insurer can take legal action in accordance with Article 1434 of Turkish Commercial Code, without prejudice to the rights arising from the Turkish Code of Obligations. Therefore, no compensation is paid for a policy, without advance payment.

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