Frequently Asked Questions



What are the covers offered by N’olur N’olmaz Insurance?

  • Accidental Death: Protecting the family of the insured person in the event of death.
  • Accidental Permanent Disability: The insured person is entitled to receive compensation in case of permanent disability.
  • Accidental Treatment Expenses: The treatment expenses following accidental bodily injury to the insured person are paid.

Does N’olur N’olmaz Insurance have an age limitation?

This insurance is for people aged 18-65 years only.

Which professions cannot be covered by N’olur N’olmaz Insurance?

Miners, builders, labourers, dock workers, and professional athletes.

What conditions are not covered by N’olur N’olmaz Insurance?

The following are outside of the scope of the cover;

  • War, revolution, rebellion, insurrection, civil strife,
  • Nuclear risks,
  • Flood,
  • Earthquake and volcanic eruption, landslide,
  • Strikes, lockouts, civil commotions, fighting involvement,
  • To use or ride motorbikes and outboard bicycles,
  • Pelagic fishery, wild animal hunting and hunting in high mountains,
  • To commit or to attempt crimes and murder,
  • To participate in terrorist acts and related sabotages specified in Anti-Terrorism Law No. 3713,
  • Except for rescuing goods and persons who are in danger, acts that will expose the insurer themselves to a serious risk, and drowning in water, unless it occurs as a result of an accident, which is then included in the scope of insurance.

Is N’olur N’olmaz Insurance only is valid within Turkish borders?

No. The policy is valid wherever the insured person is in the world.

Is it possible that the insured person receives compensation from more than one Personal Accident Insurance policy?

A person is entitled to separately receive compensation under each policy, no matter how many policies they have related to personal accident, death and permanent disability cover, or the company or limits issued. However, this situation is not valid for the cover of treatment expenses. 

In case of an injury, what documents will I need in order to claim with Personal Accident Insurances?

  • Accident reports
  • Certificate of inheritance (in death)
  • Family identity registry record (in death)
  • Death certificate (in death)
  • A document stating that the deceased was the passenger of the insured vehicle (related to death of a person other than the driver)
  • Hospital final report (in injuries)
  • Official document proving that the waged driver and the secondary driver are working in an insured vehicle (for driver personal accident insurance)
  • Hospital final report showing degree of disability (in permanent disablement cases)
  • Official document proving that the disabled person was the passenger of the insured vehicle (for death of a person other than the driver)
  • Documents and invoices related to the treatment expenses (if any)

Is there a tax advantage in N’olur N’olmaz Insurance?

If the insured person is a wageworker or a taxpayer subject to declaration, he/she can deduct paid premiums of Personal Accident Insurance from the tax base in accordance with Articles 63 and 89 of Income Tax Law.

What are the conditions that cannot be deemed as an accident?

The following are not deemed as an accident;

  • All kind of diseases and their consequences,
  • Freezing and heat stroke if they do not occur as a result of an accident within the scope of the insurance,
  • Suicide or attempted suicide irrespective of the state of mind and psychology,
  • Significant intoxication, drug and harmful substances use,
  • Surgical intervention in cases where the accident, covered by insurance, does not require any, and death or bodily disorder that will be caused due to all kinds of radiation.

Which injuries does N’olur N’olmaz Insurance pay for?

The treatments of all accidental bodily injuries that may occur from head to toe are paid.

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