Aksigorta Annual Report 2019

Launching the “beyond” era in the insurance sector with the Next-Generation Insurance concept, we completed a successful year, accelerating our digital transformation by placing customer focus, innovation and technology at the heart of this concept. Ensuring the future with products and services that meet customer needs, Aksigorta continues to make significant investments in innovation, analytics, new technologies and artificial intelligence.

What can people expect from an insurance company that goes beyond?

To look at life from a different perspective, not as an insurer but through their own eyes.

To see their true needs, to provide a different set of products and services?

People have a different set of priorities from their insurance, not just on the bad days. But, what can you expect if an insurance company is there for the good days too?

So, can an insurance company meet the requests of people who want completely different things from them?

In short, can it meet the needs of people with completely different views of insurance?

There is an insurance company that lives to answer these questions.

With Aksigorta, everything is beyond what you expect because Aksigorta is always going beyond!