Credit Card Unemployment Insurance

Payments are guaranteed if you become unemployed!

Insurance That Keeps Payments Going in Case of Unemployment

Your credit card debt is within the scope of this insurance policy for events such as unemployment, illness or temporary incapacity with Credit Card Unemployment Insurance.

Credit Card Payments

Credit Card Payments

Do not be afraid of credit card statements! Your credit card debt up to TL 10,000* is under assurance with Credit Card Unemployment Insurance in the case of unemployment or incapacity caused by illness.

Advantageous Dental Package

Advantageous Dental Package

The opportunity of free dental care at contracted institutions is waiting for you within the scope of Credit Card Unemployment Insurance. This insurance looks after your health as well as your budget.

What is Secured, What is Covered?

Credit Card Unemployment Insurance makes you feel safe, with support up to TL 10,000 so that you can pay your credit card bills even if you are unemployed or incapacitated due to illness/accident.

Who can benefit?

  • Credit Card Holders
  • Residence Stipulation
  • Age Range
  • Employment Status
  • Health Status
  • Professional Status

In which cases is it valid?

  • Permanent Employee
  • Self-Employed Individual
  • Public Officer
  • Working in Retirement

Free Services and Advantages

Credit Card Unemployment Insurance is even stronger with free services and advantages. You can reach the Aksigorta Service Centre number, 444 27 27, to find out more about free services.

Advantageous Dental Package

Advantageous Dental Package


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Frequently asked questions

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Credit Card Unemployment

Payments are guaranteed if you become unemployed!

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