Which Repairs Can be Made to Your Car Without Affecting the No Claims Discount?

The no claims discount is the premium discount given if the car is not repaired (other than minor repairs) during the year.

Which Repairs Can be Made to Your Car Without Affecting the No Claims Discount?

This discount is important because if it is not invalidated, it will ensure that your policy will be renewed for a much lower price. The value of the no claims discount varies according to the policies of the insurance company. For example, at Akkasko, you can have a 65% no claims discount at the end of five years, and enjoy your policy to the maximum.

But don't panic! It does not mean that your car should not have any repairs in order to benefit from this discount. If you are insured with Akkasko, mini repairs made by AUTO KING do not invalidate the no claims discount. Ok, so do you know which repairs will not invalidate your no claims discount?

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is known as PDR. PDR is the repair of dents of up to 5cm on the hood of the car, as a result of an impact that did not damage the paint. The back of the hood is accessed with special tools, and the dent is repaired from the back to the front by massaging. In order for PDR to be applied, the paint should not be damaged, nor the hood previously painted.

Dent Repair

This process is known as DR. It is the repair of the hood for dents up to 10cm, where the paint is damaged. After the dent is corrected, paint is applied.

Upholstery Repair

Includes cigarette burns of up to 1cm, scratches and cracks up to 5cm in size, and tears up to 5cm on the plastic, vinyl, leather, fabric, carpet and velour coated parts of the interior. The repairs are performed without changing the parts.

Paint Repair, Mini Patches

The impacts are usually corrected by the US patented "mini patch" technique for small-scale paint damages, such as scratches in the vehicle's door, fender and buffer areas. Only the damaged part is painted, and a paint suitable for the car colour is chosen. Therefore, the original colour of the vehicle is preserved.

In Aksigorta, hood repairs up to 30cm, bumper scratches up to 20cm, as well as grainy plastic coating operations are covered in the mini repair service.

Wind Shield Repair

The wind shield can be damaged by stones and flying objects. In this case, all kinds of breaks and cracks up to 10cm are included as mini repairs, without invalidating the no claims discount. You should always act quickly on this matter, because the faster the breaks and cracks in the glass are repaired, the more successful the repair is.

Plastic Bumper Repair

Repairs are made in case of torn, broken, cracked, or missing plastic bumper at the front or rear, as a result of medium sized impacts. This repair is valid for damages to both the inside and outside of the bumper.

How Can You Benefit From Mini Repair?

Very easy; go to the nearest AUTO KING with your Auto Insurance and have the damage assessed. Go to your appointment, and enjoy the mini repair service at Auto King!

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