What is "Renewal Guarantee" in Health Insurance, and Why is it Important?

What is Renewal Guarantee?
Renewal Guarantee, or Lifetime Renewal Guarantee, is a feature for health insurance which means that the private health insurance contract will have a lifetime renewal with the same plan. Let's look at the details of this convenience that will be used for a lifetime.

What is "Renewal Guarantee" in Health Insurance, and Why is it Important?

What Does Lifetime Renewal Guarantee offer?

A feature of the Lifetime Renewal Guarantee is the benefit of not receiving additional premiums for diseases that appear later in life. Diseases that occur after this entitlement cannot be excluded, and additional premiums cannot be charged for the diseases in question. That is to say, the insured person can benefit from insurance without having to pay for additional coverage for the new diseases that have arisen, without reducing their degree of coverage. Appropriate and economic treatment processes can therefore be gained for life.

How can You Benefit from This Advantage?

Before the Lifetime Renewal Guarantee is made, the insured person must meet the specified evaluation requirements. The age of the insured person, and their current health status is assessed. If the insured person has complied with the prescribed conditions, and continues his/her health insurance for 3 consecutive years and the insurance is continued at the end of the 3 years, he/she may obtain a Lifetime Renewal Guarantee based on his/her health condition.

Remember, it is very important to receive this benefit from an insurance company, since you will be gaining a service for a very long time. Have a healthy future with Lifetime Renewal Guarantee...

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