I Already Have A Compulsory Traffic Insurance. Why do I Need Auto Insurance?

As the name implies, Compulsory Traffic Insurance is a type of insurance that is required for the owner of every vehicle.

I Already Have A Compulsory Traffic Insurance. Why do I Need Auto Insurance?

In accordance with the Road Traffic Law, a vehicle without Compulsory Traffic Insurance cannot be driven. If they are driven anyway, then penalties will be imposed. In other words, every vehicle driven in traffic has Compulsory Traffic Insurance.
This of course does not mean that every vehicle in traffic also has Auto Insurance. Auto Insurance and Compulsory Traffic Insurance are assessed separately, and auto insurance is not a compulsory insurance product, but an important measure that ensures road safety with its wide coverage.

Should I Have Auto Insurance or Compulsory Traffic Insurance?

This is possibly the most commonly asked question; Compulsory Traffic Insurance is required for every vehicle on the road, and while it is not mandatory, auto insurance offers guarantees that the Compulsory Traffic Insurance does not cover. So it is not a matter of choosing between the two types of insurance, however, and knowing the difference between the two types can answer all of the questions you may have.

Differences Between Compulsory Traffic Insurance and Auto Insurance

By explaining the difference between Auto Insurance and Compulsory Traffic Insurance, we can answer the question "Why do I have to have Auto Insurance when I already have Compulsory Traffic Insurance?":

  • Traffic Insurance is compulsory, while Auto Insurance is optional.
  • Traffic Insurance is a liability insurance that will cover the pecuniary and physical damage caused by an accident with another party, if the policy holder is at fault. In other words, Compulsory Traffic Insurance is for the victim.
  • Auto Insurance focuses on avoiding victimisation of the policy holder. Depending on the scope of the policy, other persons in the vehicle can be evaluated within the limits of the Auto Insurance, if the Compulsory Traffic Insurance limit is not enough.
  • Auto Insurance offers a detailed assurance plan if the vehicle is burned, stolen, attempted to be stolen, or damage is incurred in an accident. The features provided, as well as any additional services and coverages according to the scope of the policy, are based on what is needed for safe travel.
  • Auto Insurance coverage protects the policy holder and the safety of the vehicle, while Compulsory Traffic Insurance only enters into effect in the case of an accident.
  • Undersecretariat of Treasury determines the limits of traffic insurances. If the limits set by the State for the Compulsory Traffic Insurance do not meet the total amount of the damage to the other party, the insured person pays the remaining damage costs. When it comes to Auto Insurance, the insured person determines the policy coverage according to their needs.
  • When it comes to Auto Insurance, the happiness of the policy holder is just as important as the protection they are provided with.

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