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Individual Health Insurance


Why should I take out an Individual Health Insurance from Aksigorta

Because Aksigorta Individual Health Insurance allows you the liberty to select the physician or the health institution of your choice. You may arrange your insurance according to your own requirements. For example, if you get the most  comprehensive insurance package which includes no contribution share for the insured; Your diagnosis and medical treatment expenses as a result of any accident or disease will be met worldwide.

  • All kinds of in and out-patient medical treatment expenses are paid.
  • Aksigorta’s wide network of contracted institutions provides you the liberty of selecting the doctor or health institution of  your choice.
  • Covers your pregnancy and birth expenses, eye and dental treatments.

With Aksigorta Individual Health Insurance, you can choose the hospital and the doctor you prefer.

Your and if you wish, your whole family’s health expenditures of in-patient or out-patient treatments including doctor consultations, laboratory tests, x-rays, medicines, surgical operations, birth and more are assured by Aksigorta.

There is also a 10% Family Discount!

Take out an insurance for your whole family and take advantage of the 10% Family Discount.The initial age for taking out a health iInsurance is between 18-80 years. Your children below 18 years of age may be insured with their parents.

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